Friday, January 29, 2010

bridesmaid nerves

One of my very good friends, Mandie is getting married tomorrow and I am a bridesmaid. My daughter is a flower girl and my fiance is a groomsman. It's a family affair that's for sure! Maybe that is why I'm so nervous?? Perhaps it's because I want it all to go smoothly for her. Or could it be that I will be walking down that same aisle 4 months from now? Which ever the case may be, I am thrilled to be part of such a momentous event for such beautiful people.

The Balmain Effect

During my daily visit to, I read a reference to "The Balmain Effect". In my pursuit of fashion knowledge, I began to research this so-called effect and found an astounding discovery. Shoulder pads are back! And not just any kind of shoulder pad. These are 1970's futuristic movies version of 2000's fashion. The one's we laughed at and said "That will NEVER happen". Well, it has. One could describe the fad as extreme. Yet, somehow I find it a chic and fun trend that screams "Where can I get some?!"

Tuxedo Jackets and Overalls

As I was reading through my sister's December issue of ELLE last night, there was a small column on the newest craze of tuxedo jackets. While at first I thought really? It began to grow on me and I'm seriously considering heading down to my local H&M and picking one up! The comeback of the 80's has had a good run, but maybe this is a sign the 90's are not far behind. I've heard many say the 90's were a boring fashion year, however, that doesn't mean we are not still destined to repeat it. My question is if we are going to see some overall action. Sure they lack any shape or flattery but I can't help but think it's possible! They fit in line with the masculine vibe of the tuxedo jacket except with a blue collar twist.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

right now

When you walk down the street, what are you thinking? Are you in a rush? Do you drag your feet? Are you only thinking about your destination or are you more concerned about where you just left from. This blog is intended to look around at what is right in front of you. Are you paying attention? There is so much, how can you not?! I am convinced now more than ever that the "now" is the best part of life. My 5 year old daughter can't wait for this weekend or when she turns 6, but I love this night with her even if it might be filled with disagreement and lessons learned. Everyday is a way to explore something you couldn't yesterday. My passion is for color, shape and design. Which, consequently, will be the underlying theme for many of the topics posted on this particular blog. However, that could change. Who knows. I'm not worried.

I won't hide that I believe there is a higher power out there who knows what my life holds until the day I die and then some. Believing this fact has changed my life in so many ways I can't even begin to describe. It's because of the Lord that I am living a life so fulfilled and I thank him everyday for a new opportunity to just

I'm excited about my new blog and hope it might be enjoyed by others even if that number is few. I know at least my fiance will visit just to see what's in my head. HA! Love him. Always.

Have to give a shout out to my blog teacher Kate. I know she will be a valuable mentor in my future blogging adventures. Your rock my socks off. Makes me wanna SHOOP!


So this is my first post on my first blog! WHOO HOO!! I'm super stoked but not really even sure what I've just gotten myself into. I'm so very clueless to the whole blogging world. BUT - I'm stubborn and the only way I learn anything is by experiencing it myself. Even if it turns out to be the hard way and a total disaster. With that said...thank you for visiting my blog and hopefully you will return often!