Friday, January 29, 2010

Tuxedo Jackets and Overalls

As I was reading through my sister's December issue of ELLE last night, there was a small column on the newest craze of tuxedo jackets. While at first I thought really? It began to grow on me and I'm seriously considering heading down to my local H&M and picking one up! The comeback of the 80's has had a good run, but maybe this is a sign the 90's are not far behind. I've heard many say the 90's were a boring fashion year, however, that doesn't mean we are not still destined to repeat it. My question is if we are going to see some overall action. Sure they lack any shape or flattery but I can't help but think it's possible! They fit in line with the masculine vibe of the tuxedo jacket except with a blue collar twist.

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