Wednesday, February 3, 2010

thoughts for today

So, today is a new day and after recovering for the wedding weekend, I feel like a new woman! It’s amazing what exhaustion can do to a girl. Mandie and Grant’s wedding was a great success and fun was had by all! They are in the Bahamas right now, probably enjoying the beach. They deserve it! The photographer was even nice enough to take some pictures of Olivia, Matt and I while we were all dressed up. I’ll post them when I get them!! I really do enjoy attending weddings. They are always such a joyful occasion. Being at the wedding made me really appreciate Matt and all he does. It truly is all about the little day to day things. A little bit goes a long way. A touch of kindness or a helping hand with nothing expected in return. I read an article in ELLE talking about a study about how woman have become unhappier over the last couple of decades. One opinion was it began when people stopped helping each other and the focus became all about us. That made a lot of sense to me. The article also talked about how perhaps this recession is what we need to get our acts together and start caring about people again. I’m not sure if it will all play out that way, however, it did catch my attention. With the disaster in Haiti and so many people out of work, how can we not? The bible speaks about when you give your rewards are 10-fold in heaven. Yet, it’s so easy to come up with excuses not to help or give or even lend an understanding ear. I have a passion for clothes, accessories, make-up and hair, you get the idea….however, I make a vow to never let it corrupt me into someone who doesn’t care about others. I greatly dislike being judged by others. Let’s hear it for the golden rule!

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